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Immenhof hunting and guest farm has been in the possession of the von Seydlitz family since 1926 and lies approximately 60 km north of the little town of Omaruru in the north-western region of Namibia. Ria and Friedhelm von Seydlitz and their team welcome you to their farm!

Friedhelm and his father, Albrecht, introduced trophy hunting to the farm in 1974. Since 1980 we offer accommodation for our hunters and their families, as well as visitors who simply wish to imbibe Namibia's unique atmosphere.

On Immenhof, we have blended the country's natural friendliness with hearty hospitality to ensure that our guest farm is every bit as warm, comfortable and welcoming as a family home.

With over 30 years experience in trophy hunting, Friedhelm - now joined by his son Werner and a team of able hunting guides - offers clients adventurous and satisfying hunts. Our motto is: a trophy is not a dead animal - it's a living memory!
With over 250 000 hectares and a wide variety of game available, every hunter is sure to leave with good quality trophies.


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