Travel is all about the small things that add flavour.  A simple tented camp in a hidden corner of wild Africa, a homestay up in a treehouse overlooking the savannah or visiting the most ancient Ovahimba Tribe sharing their secrets of survival and pure joy in life. Experiences like these define Immenhof Safaris.
Immenhof Safaris has been in the tourism industry for over 30 years. Our team is small but highly experienced and has expert knowledge of the country; Immenhof Safaris caters for all types of safaris in one of the world’s most beautiful countries – Namibia and its neighbouring countries. Emphasis is placed on personal touch, the itineraries are carefully handpicked destinations that are time tested, client approved and you decide which ones appeal to your sense of adventure. Ensuring a memorable holiday filled with all the excitement of a true African experience.
We make your African Safari a living memory.
Immenhof Safaris specialises in Fly-in safaris, which is a great way to see Namibia and its neighbouring countries as they offer unparalleled opportunities for excellent photography, and are the best way to fit in the most remote destinations of Southern Africa into a shorter time. With a vast choice of destinations available, you could find yourself soaring above striking areas such as the Okavango Delta filled with a rich kingdom of Wildlife in Botswana, the remote Skeleton Coast with its proof of colonial history stranded along the coastline of Namibia or the magnificent Victoria Falls. The possibilities in Southern Africa are endless. Moreover, once the African Sun has burned right into the core of your heart, you will never want to leave again.

Immenhof Hunting Safaris
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Namibia, Africa
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